Mankind continues its exploration by unveiling their Spring/Summer 2022 collection: Jocular Cirque. Bringing back the classic aesthetic and touch with a modern approach in every line. The name Jocular Cirque draws on the ideas of merging playful design elements, circular patterns, and multiple patchwork into one.

The collection features a various array of cut and sew methods, which are mediated into several types of jackets such as trucker, chore, bandana, bowling, and quilting jacket. To complete the collection, Mankind also drops signature shirts, friendly-fitted knitwear, knee pants, beach bags and multiple options of t-shirts. With regards to the use of materials, the brand features attentively-crafted fabrics to obtain solid yet relaxed end-products, ranging from durable cotton corduroy, heavy cotton canvas, twill, and rayon. The whole collection expresses some vital characteristics somewhere between form and function, comfort and culture. Not only that, Mankind also continues its ongoing commitment to pursuing high-quality, wear-resistance, and local practitioners empowerment. 


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