M.A.N.K.I.N.D x O.K.O Eyewear

Adjust Your Focus and Welcome To The Human Race.

Mankind joins forces with OKO Eyewear to bring you a wide-ranging eyewear collection that will have all eyes on your eyes.

This collaboration includes multiple options of specially designed eyewear, in which articles subtly deliver each of brand identity and values. The graphics of choice present Mankind’s journey of past seasons fused with OKO’s experimental, yet attentively cutting-edge eyewear. 

Featuring Embark, one of the prominent signatures of OKO, blends with Mankind's iconic patterns, showing mutual intertwining of both brands' characteristics and uniqueness. To add to that, Mankind and OKO also put two more items to complete their collaboration by encapsulating a retro super future eyewear with bold edges, high-quality and meticulously crafted fabrics, and material. Olmecs, shaped round and transparent, describing raw and contemporary outlook, while Folklore is constructed from Mankind’s past collection patterns and translated into OKO’s chic design.

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